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Meet us this October at Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow!


The Smart Listing team is happy to announce the upcoming participation in Blockchain Life 2019, a major international forum dedicated to the spheres of blockchain and crypto. On October 16-17, the Moscow Expocenter in Russia will gather over 6,000 people under one roof. There will be top players, entrepreneurs, traders, investors, miners, and all kinds […]

Smart Listing at Ethereal Summit 2019 in Tel Aviv


On September 15-16, our team attended Ethereal Summit, one of the world’s top-ranking conferences for crypto and blockchain. It was filled to the brim with active networking and new market insights. The networking in particular brought us a dozen new promising crypto exchange platforms to consider for listing and IEO. All of this works to […]

How to make an impression at an international event – Smart Listing tips


Hey there! Smart Listing team attended the 5 top conferences in the world, and we are thrilled to be able to provide outstanding recommendations on how a startup should behave at a conference to maximize their chances of success.  Let us share our sage words of wisdom with you so you can come prepared. Remember, […]

Smart Listing at Malta AI and Blockchain Summit


Hi there,  Smart Listing team has just come back from the blockchain summit in Malta – and it was great. It’s one of the best-known events in field – great for getting new connections (20+), winning friends, and influencing people, and the lecturers were almost as impressive as us (just kidding, they weren’t anywhere near […]

You must go to Malta AI and Blockchain Summit – here’s why


Hello y’all, Smart Listing team here to tell you about an amazing upcoming event on Malta. “The blockchain island” is more than just a Mediterranean paradise, the home of the Maltese Falcon, and very relaxed online gambling regulations. If you want to know about Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, ML, Blockchain-based job search, zero-knowledge proofs, […]

The roadshow continues – Smart Listing at Token 2049


Smart Listing is on a roll! This time we went to Token 2049 in Hong Kong. The event not only provided new angles but also enabled us to get close to new connections, make friends and forge alliances, which was easy thanks to unbelievable numbers of contacts: the founders of NEO, Lisk, and Ziliqa (also […]

Meet the Smart Listing team at Token 2049 in HK


Do you know which event we here at Smart Listing are most excited about? Token 2049 in HK. The city is splendid, and they say Vitalik and Justin Sun might make an appearance among “pioneers, the early believers, highly influential and established opinion leaders and more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry enthusiasts and global […]

We are at Blockchain Summit 2019 in Singapore!


Here with over 80 key speakers with the latest developments on their minds, we are actively drinking, making use of our social skills, and creating connections, which is surprisingly easy. Mirela Juravle, Head of Business Development at Siemens, Vic Tham, CEO and Quantum Energy Asset Management & Portfolio Manager of QEX Fund, and Deepthri Passad, […]

Meet Smart Listing at London Blockchain Week 2019!


At Smart Listing we love conferences, emotions, beautiful people and of course great connections! London Blockchain Week is still going strong, 5th year in the running, with thousands (that’s right, ‘s) of participants,  evening receptions, workshops, and the Blockchain Hackathon, a 2-day conference/expo, evening events with sponsors and partners. Every conceivable topic with regards to […]

Building our network at Binance Blockchain Week Singapore 2019


Hey! here. We’ve attended Binance Blockchain Week 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore. Nothing compares to the rush of meeting beautiful people, discovering secrets, and being a part of something. This gorgeous event provided connections with more than two dozen exciting new clients and businesses, a $100,000 USD hackathon, breathtaking […]

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